Hype-o 3

There’s no possible way that Halo 3 could have lived up to the hype. After all the 9/10 and 10/10 reviews, I had to fight to keep my expectations down.

If you ignore the hype, the single-player experience is fine. Try to judge it by the hype, however, and it’s a huge, gaping disappointment.

It’s nice to see Bungie learning from past mistakes, and the end of Halo 2 was definitely a mistake. Halo 3 does end abruptly, but not in the same lazy way its predecessor did.

But this is no 9/10 game. Definitely between 7 and 8. There are sections that are so easy that you can take down 20 enemies by yourself; there are sections that are so ridiculously tough that you’ll be forced to replay them 20 times to make it through; and there are a curious handful of sections that you can just run past the enemies without firing a shot.

There were more than a few times when I had no clue why I was fighting my way toward or away from whatever I was fighting my way toward or away from. I had no idea how each battle fit either with the previous one or with the plot as a whole. I never had that problem with BioShock.

I’ve only scratched the surface of multiplayer so far, but it’s definitely a better experience. There’s going to be a lot of replay value in this disc, and it was definitely worth the $60. I just get tired of the "this is the Star Wars of our generation" type of comments. This may be the Attack of the Clones of our generation, but it definitely ain’t the Star Wars.

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