Frak Me

Big shock here: I’m a geek. As such, I carry a torch for the new incarnation of Battlestar Galactica. Any good geek should.
So when XBLA offers a download of a BSG game, you know I’m there. Bad reviews be damned.
Well, bad reviews are frequently bad for a reason, and the reason here is that the BSG game is a soul-sucking experience. This IP is ripe for a decent game or three — FPS, space sim, strategy — and instead we get an uninspired 2D shooter. It’s a good thing that demos are free, although that might still be overpaying.
Follow the general advice and check out the Freespace total conversion Beyond the Red Line instead. It’s going to be a free, stand-alone game, and there’s a demo out right now. It can be a little wonky getting it to work, but there’s probably more BSG goodness in three seconds of Beyond the Red Line than in all of that XBLA game.
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