Insert Witch Pun Here

"The Witcher" starts off with one of the worst video-game cliches ever: you’re a really powerful dude… but you’ve lost your memory! From that not-so-fresh premise comes one of the better computer RPGs to show up in a while.

It ain’t perfect — and I’m not just talking about the bugs that cause the game to crash so dang often — but it’s got one very important thing going for it: there’s no strict "good" and "evil" alignment. Decisions you make may have far-reaching consequences, but they’re choices that can be justified in either direction. It’s more, for lack of a better phrase, life-like than all of the black-and-white, light-side or dark-side games out there.

It’s also an incredible time suck. I’m still not quite done with it and I must have piled on about 40 hours of gameplay by now. I’m not sure if I’ll immediately dive in and replay it to experience the opposite decisions I’ve made so far, but I will eventually.

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