Fun yet?

GTA IV is an amazing piece of art, but only a good game.

There was a period of about a month between the time that I first got to the final mission to the time when I finally beat the final mission. Part of that was due to the length of the mission and the gazillion things that can go wrong at any time during the course of it, forcing you to repeat it from the beginning. But the major reason it took so much time to finish is because I didn’t feel compelled to finish it.

The world of GTA IV is gorgeous. Breath taking at times. The detail and the subtleties are nothing short of brilliant. But the game could use some more "fun."

That’s one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to Saints Row 2. The first Saints Row was something like Grand Theft Auto 3.5 — it lacked the polish and some of the layered humor of the GTA games (if GTA is a "guy walks in to a bar" joke, Saints Row was more of a fart joke), but it was a really good time. A recent trailer for Saints Row 2 chastized — with tongue firmly in cheek — the world of GTA IV and promised that Saints Row 2 would bring the fun. Let’s hope they’re right. We’ll find out in October.

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