R.I.P. — Duke Nukem

I’ve got fond memories of Duke Nukem 3D. The multiplayer was a thing of beauty — especially the Remote Taunting System. Basically, you could record your own sound files and share them with your buddies… then, when you kill them, you hit a key on your keyboard and you both hear the pre-recorded taunt. I made packs of taunts from "Full Metal Jacket" and "Aliens" that never got old.

There was no in-game voice chat in those days, so messages were sent via text. Since I could type about 100 times faster than any of my buddies, I’d engage them in a conversation and then kill them while they were hunting-and-pecking on the keyboard to respond. That, too, never got old.

The sequel to Duke Nukem 3D was announced in 1997, and has been due every year since. Something always went wrong with the production, and to this date it has never seen the light of day. And now it may not. The publisher of the game, 3D Realms, has gone out of business. I’m hoping that another company will pick up the assets and finish the game, but I may just have to get used to a world in which there will be no more Duke.

There’s a site that brilliantly lays out the history of what I’m talking about, and offers this poignant nugget: it took less time for the Beatles to form, release all of their albums, and break up than 3D Realms was working on the Duke sequel.

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